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Chairman's Message
Bharat Forge is a responsible Company, which believes in the conduct of its affairs in a fair and transparent manner by adopting highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour. The Company is committed in building a culture, where it is safe for all the stakeholders to raise a concern about any unacceptable or unethical practice and any event of misconduct.

In order to promote the same, the Company has put in place, a whistleblower policy for reporting of any violation of the code of ethics and conduct.

We must continue to follow the code of conduct to the highest standard, which aims to protect stakeholders wishing to raise a concern about any serious irregularities within the Company. The Stakeholders are encouraged to confidently report any potential violations or suspicions of the code of ethics and conduct, enabling us to uphold our commitment to integrity and responsible business practices. This will make Bharat Forge a strong and sustainable Company.

We value the integrity and ethical standards of our Company. If any stakeholder (employees, directors, suppliers, investors, or customers) becomes aware of or suspects a violation of our code of ethics and conduct, we encourage them to utilize any of the available reporting channels to bring such matters to our attention promptly and responsibly.

Physical Letter
Physical letter in a closed and sealed envelope to:
Ombudsperson, Bharat Forge Limited, Pune Cantonment, Mundhwa Pune – 411036
Drop a complaint letter in letter box
Drop a written complaint in a closed and sealed envelope in a letter box placed at every plant of the Company.
You can write to
Direct Complaint to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee
You can directly report to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee by writing to in following exceptional cases:
  • Complaint against the Senior Management;
  • To escalate the case which was earlier reported to the Ombudsperson;
  • The Complaint is very critical that it needs direct involvement of Audit Committee
We prioritize the confidentiality of your identity to foster a culture of fearless reporting. An anonymous complaint can be made, strongly supported by substantial facts and evidences. All the reported violations will be heard and addressed appropriately except frivolous complaints made with a mala fide intention.