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31st March 2016

Kalyani Group & Junghans Defence to form Strategic Partnership for providing Fuzing Systems for Artillery and various types of Bombs

Kalyani Group and Junghans Defence have decided to come together to form a strategic partnership for providing Fuzing Systems for Artillery and various types of Bombs.

Mr. Baba Kalyani, Chairman of Kalyani Group said, "The Ka lyani Group has provided over 2 million ammunition shells across variants to the Indian A rmed F orces since 1970s. We are now expanding our profile in this segment to include Fuzing Systems in order to provide end-to-end solution for the most reliable Fuzing Systems. The group has decided to partner with Junghans Defence for Transfer of Technology for Fuzing Systems for Artillery and various types of Bombs. Junghans Defence's advanced technology will be complemented with our world - class design, development and m anufacturing capabilities. This will be the perfect example of Make in India solutions".

About Kalyani Group

Kalyani Group is a 2.5 billion USD multinational conglomerate with high technology, engineering and manufacturing capability across critical sectors such as Defence & Aerospace, Engineering Steel, Automotive, Industrial, Renewable Energy, Urban Infrastructure and Special ty Chemicals. With end-to-end capability and global manufacturing footprint, the g roup has annual turnover of 12,000 Crores. The group has been a flag bearer of 'Make in India' across sectors including Defence and Aerospace.

About Junghans Defence

Junghans Defence is engaged in the business of developing and manufactur ing of Fuzes for various ammunitions. Junghans Defence possesses industry capabilities in the areas of planning and designing of Fuzing Systems, Embedded Electronics and Micro - mechanical systems capable of fulfilling the high requirements essential in the areas of acceleration and integration, designing of mechanical or electronic safety devices as well as sensors and signal processing.